Bags and rolls

Bags and rolls


sousvide [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)
Magic Vac® patented bags & rolls are particularly suitable for sous-vide cooking (steam or bain-marie) Temperature 90° for max. 8 hours or temperature 70° for max. 72 hours.
The use of lower temperatures in comparison with traditional cuisine and their ongoing monitoring make the most sensible organoleptic properties unaltered, contributing to amplify the taste and intensify the colors of the food. The precise and constant control of the temperature, together with the fact that food is not placed directly in water, but is closed sous-vide in the bag. In this way the substances, vitamins and nutrients do not disperse in the water: everything remains in the sous-vide bag since there is no air nor water which could alter the structural and organoleptic properties of the food.

Patented multi-layer bags & rolls:
Features & Benefits

01 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)

Thawing in microwave

02 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)


03 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)


04 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)

Maximum removal of air

05 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)

Puncture resistant

06 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)

Total protection against odours

07 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)

Total protection against humidity

BPA Free

Bisphenol-A FREE; Safe and tested

appr4 [SACC] - MAIN - Sacchetti e rotoli (ENG)
  • 100% Made in Italy bags and rolls for a perfect vacuum sealing
  • Specific patented structure and thickness (240 μm against 90-100 μm available on the market) grant a perfect storage and sealing
  • Multi-layer structure, for more resistance against puncture. Ideal for vacuum storage of tools and food with edges (pistachios…)
  • External layer in nylon representing a barrier to humidity, not allowing rise of molds
  • BPA Free safe and tested
  • Reusable and washable for less waste
  • Available in various sizes to meet your needs and save space