With pre-printed label

ACO1040, ACO1024, ACO1036, ACO1025, ACO1026, ACO1113

Bags and rolls


ACO1040 - 100 Ready Cut bags 20x30 cm in a Pack (PE)
ACO1024 - 50 Ready Cut bags 20x30 cm in a Pack (PE)
ACO1036 - 50 Ready Cut bags 30x40 cm in a Pack (PE)
ACO1025 - 2 Rolls 30x600 cm in a Pack (PE)
ACO1026 - 2 Rolls 20x600 cm in a Pack (PE)
ACO1113 - 20 Ready Cut bags 40x50 cm in a Pack (PE)


multistrato [SACC] 01 - Con etichetta prestampata [ENG] BPA Free

Tips for use

barretta [SACC] 01 - Con etichetta prestampata [ENG]

1 - Washable
2 - Freezer
3 - Fridge
4 - Defrosting in microwave
5 - Bolling in water at 100°C for max. 1 hour

sousvide [SACC] 01 - Con etichetta prestampata [ENG] Suitable for sous vide cooking* in steam or water oven
*Temperature of max. 90°C for max. 8 hours
*Temperature of max. 70°C for max. 72 hours


All MAGIC VAC® accessories have been tested and are suitable for contact with food