Jumbo 30evo Plus



Main Features

  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Professional performance ensured by the powerful double pump with oversized motor
  • Easy to use with self-locking hooking levers
  • Triple seal setting: dry food, moist food and very moist food
  • Completely automatic cycle
  • PULSE function, for optimal control of air removal, which prevents crushing of delicate foods
  • More consecutive sealing possibility (up to 150 consecutive sealing)
  • Special sealing option for custom bags
  • Specific cycle to create vacuum in containers
  • Innovative removable lid for easy cleaning
  • Liquid-collecting tray, fully removable and dishwasher-safe
  • Sealing bar with heavy-duty cooling system for intensive use
  • Specific cycle for “quick vacuum marinating” (12 minutes in the special ACO1073 container)
  • Waterproof multifunction intuitive panel with analogic vacuum gauge
  • Compliant with the ErP Directive on energy consumption

Control Panel Functions

A - Fully automatic cycle (automati-cally extracts air and seals)
P - Manual cycle the machine extracts the air until the S button is pressed
S - Manual sealing (press to interrupt air extraction and seal immediately). Cycle recommended for vacuum packing of fragile foods in bags
T - Three-level settings of sealing time (very useful when using wet bags)
C - For vacuum packaging in containers
M - For rapid marinating

Ecotech Certificazioni

Technical Features

Power Supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Max output: 130 W
Pump flowrate: 28 l/m
Pump vacuum level: -0,83 bar



  • 5 pre-cut 30x40 cm bags
  • Connection tube for accessories
  • “Magic Cutter” bag cutter
  • User instructions manual
  • Vacuum storage guide

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